Energia. Telecontrollo. Sicurezza. Tutto questo nel cuore verde dell’azienda, in tutti i progetti, ovunque nel mondo.

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Shitek Technology is a member of the CTI (Italian Heat Technology Committee) and partecipate actively in the technical committee that is working on the revision of UNI 10200, rule on the allocation of spending criteria heating and domestic hot water

GSM Chronothermostat


The device has been developed to remote control the ambient temperature and several other functions using simple commands sent with SMS messages.
With every cellphone it is possible then to instruct switching on and off of the boiler and/or of any contact via SMS.


Walk-by data collection

WBApp manages and displays data on a Tablet device with Android operating system, it allows to receive and download data transmitted from devices on site with simplicity and speed. WBApp allows to manage a list of equipments of devices to read. As an example, it is possible to select the condominium with the relative serial number to read.


Events and Communications

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