Energia. Telecontrollo. Sicurezza. Tutto questo nel cuore verde dell’azienda, in tutti i progetti, ovunque nel mondo.

Company qualified in GSM remote control, home automation, LPG/hydrocarbon tank level remote control, GPS vehicle tracking, photovoltaic systems remote control.


We will attend the 29th World LPG Forum & 2016 AEGPL Congress at Booth J8 with all our products and systems for the remote reading of the LPG level

Shitek Technology more than 10 years working in the field of remote control of LPG and Fuel, becoming a reference point for companies that want to improve their services thanks to the technology of ‘IoT’ (Internet of Things).

GSM Chronothermostat


The device has been developed to remote control the ambient temperature and several other functions using simple commands sent with SMS messages.
With every cellphone it is possible then to instruct switching on and off of the boiler and/or of any contact via SMS.

ZERO, device for LPG tank level remote control, can be installed directly on LPG tanks. Check the level of the underground  and or above ground by the integrated sensor. Reading and log level, alarm management min level, low level, refilling. Communication logs and alarms to the server via GSM. Read more about the device for gsm remote control ZERO

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