Automatic power factor controllers

Automatic power factor controllers with microprocessor management.

Shitek Technology started the business focusing on managing and measuring energy-saving industrial plants; thanks to the innovative design have been created the Automatic Power Factor Controller.

For power factor correction is defined as the practice that allows to compensate for the phase shift introduced into the line by a reactive load. The most significant parameter is the phase shift φ between the voltage and the electric current supply.

Industrial plants with variable absorption, in time necessarily require an automatic power factor controller in order to place the necessary capacitive power.

The benefits range from increased plant and reduction of losses in power savings.

The Automatic Power Factor Controller with microprocessor management designed with signal elaborating technology, even of highly distorted signals, in order to ensure an accurate checking of the electrical values of the system.

All measurements are carried out with a complete analysis of the waveform and via FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) in floating point such as to ensure maximum measurement precision.

During the normal operation the Automatic Power Factor Controllers monitors the network and save the capacitor banks disconnecting them in case of high harmonic distortion and/or micro interruptions.

The microprocessor management allows a distributed and precise banks usage, spreading the lifespan of the system and a balanced capacitor banks in the network.



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Industrial Rephasing Devices


Industrial Rephasing Devices


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Industrial Rephasing Devices


Industrial Rephasing Devices


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