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DFF Passive filter control

DFF Passive filter control

Passive filter control

Device for passive capacitor filter control designed for capacitor charge management, placeable based on the request with advanced anti pendoling function.

The microprocessor management allows advanced functions to evade harmonic resonance harmful to capacitors and anticipating management regarding the insertion/detachment of the capacitor charge, keeping in mind the targets of the desired setting.

Technical data

Power supply 230 V c.a. + – 10%
Network frequency 50/60 Hz
Absorption 3 VA
Voltmetric input -40% – + 15% of the nominal power
Amperometric input 2.5 – 110% Ie
Functioning 2 or 4 settable quadrants
Power factor regulation 0.70 Ind a 0.70 Cap
Measurements Tension, Current, Cos§, THD I%
Display 16 digits 2 lines backlight
Led Relay output status; MAN/AUT; Ind-Cap
Relay outputs for alarms 3
Relay outputs for filter command 1
Contact reach 8A 250V (AC1), max switching 440V
Terminal block Standard detachable
Functioning temperature -20°C + 55°C
Frontal protection rank IP41 ; with IP54-IP65 cap



  DFF manual (only italian)