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Founded in 2002 as “Shitek”, the company initially produces power factor controllers, devices able to compensate for the phase shift of the electrical lines leading to a reduction in losses and to significant energy and cost savings.

Since 2004 Shitek following the demands of an increasingly mobile market that requires the ability to monitor the information remotely without physically going on site, began producing the “GM” series products which include a set of GSM modems and devices digital / analog interfaces.

In 2005 the Company takes another step forward expanding its production to the LPG industry with designing the devices for remote monitoring of LPG, in particular products for remote reading of the level of LPG inside the tanks.

In July 2006, a very important date for the company, Shitek becomes a limited company with the name of Shitek Technology Srl, changing headquarters and moving to a larger building and equipped with modern equipment to respond professionally to new technological demands.

In 2007, they highlight two important events, such as the creation of the first home automation remote control device for end users (Simply) and the displacement of all remote control devices on Cloud WebVision platform.

In 2010 there was an important recognition on the remote management of water in the water industry, with the award of the public announcement “Made in Italy Industria 2015” with a telemetering energetically autonomous and self-powered system program from the water supply, a self-generation project energy harvesting the energetically autonomous water meter, ie without batteries.

Also in this period, are produced the first Smart Meter GAS counters, a display and a valve that allows an accurate reading of consumption and a commensurate supply to payments received. In the same year the company certifies its processes with the ISO9001 quality control system: 2014 certified by TUV Sud.

In 2011 Shitek Technology continuous growing expands its market to remote renewable energy (Photovoltaic Wind), to vehicle tracking based on GPS technology and everything related to the remote control.

In 2012, another important date, Shitek Technology Srl moved its headquarters in Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza) and expands its expertise in the field of products for explosive atmospheres (ATEX), by obtaining the notification of quality assurance production equipment and systems for use in potentially Explosive atmospheres Ex.

In 2014 Shitek Technology also opening the international market by opening a branch in South America, in São Paulo, Brazil, with the name of “SHT” Telemetry, and initiating important collaborations with representative agencies in Pakistan, Jamaica, Mexico

In 2015 the company further expands its market in Hydronic sector, focusing on the heat metering. Recently are started very important projects on telemetry Automotive and Street Light management for the Smart City.

In 2016 it began a major breakthrough on the global networks and Shitek Technology is active in the development of M2M devices for the new generation IoT on GSM networks in 4G connectivity.

In 2017 Shitek Technology started the integration on 4G networks of remote control products for gas meters and for the LPG sector, aligning all products with the new transmission technologies on the market. In the same year the company certifies its processes with quality control system ISO9001:2015 certified and IECEx QUALITY ASSESSMENT certification.

Since 2018, Shitek Technology has been collaborating on the development of the new Smart Meter Gas series, designed and manufactured to measure the volume of Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Developing and testing in its own laboratories, the measurement technology, based on an innovative ultrasonic sensor that integrates the “temperature sensor” for the conversion of the volume, which makes the meters of the devices with very high precision and high performance.

In 2019, the Company further expands its market in the Industrial Power Factors & Automatic Power Factor Controllers sector with the development of the new HCR Power Factor Regulator device.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 global emergency, Shitek Technology expands its market to the METHANE remote control.

From 2021 is born HITEKS, the new Shitek Technology corporate dedicated exclusively to the LPG sector for the foreign market. Besides the new brand HITEKS, will becomes part of Shitek’s family the new RAD device (a control unit designed for the remote managing of oil/lubricant/lpg/ adblue tanks, or technological systems, pipe line, level control and flow control) and the renovated ZERO version: the ZERO.1

This strong and constant growth is possible only thanks to a technical staff composed of hardware and software designers with decades of experience and external consultants specialized and internationally recognized. An important part of Shitek Technology’s investment is dedicated to training and staff satisfaction, which is the basis of our growth and knowledge.

Mission and Corporate Vision

Shitek Technology Srl is a company of hardware and software design, specialized in measurement instrumentation, energy remote control, plant management, heat metering. The aim of Shitek Technology, from its inception to the present, has always been to create devices that allow a reduction in consumption for both economic savings and especially for the protection of the environment. We strongly believe that with knowledge, awareness and the possibility of reducing our consumption, we can contribute significantly to the protection and well-being of the environment.


Business goals year by year

2002 - Power factor regulators
2004 - Industrial Remote Control
2005 - LPG
2007 - Home Automation and Cloud
2010 - Hydronic area
2011 - Photovoltaic-Wind Power
2011 - GPS
2015 - Heat metering
2016 - Automotive Telemetry
2016 - Public Lighting
2017 - 4G Product Networks Integration
2018 - Smart Meter Gas
2019 - LPG
2020 - Methane 4G Remote Control
2021 - RAD Tank Remote Control / HITEKS new brand for the LPG sector

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