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Order code: TL.042.100E



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  • Code: AC.070.005
  • Type: Pressure level probe
  • Description: Temperature-compensated level probe for measuring the level of fuel tanks or other liquids. Diesel, Gasoline, Water, Blue Diesel and any tank containing liquids. The measuring range is highly reliable thanks to the measurement of pressure inside and outside the tank. Approved for use in Zone 0. 4-20mA 3meters column l=5m IP68 ATEX

BOX RCX 3G – Kit for the remote control of water tanks 

BOX RCX 3G is a KIT dedicated to remote control and remote reading of water tanks, pipelines, meters and wastewater..

Allows to monitoring:

  • Pressure control
  • Tank level
  • Presence of electricity network
  • Remote control of pumps, gate valves, valves, etc.
  • Flow measurement


  •  Real-time 24-hour remote control
  • 3G Communication Module
  • Power supply 80-230Vac
  • Backup with rechargeable lithium battery
  • 5 digital inputs for count/alarm
  • 4 analog inputs (2×0-5Vdc, 2×4-20mA)
  • 2 relay outputs (0.5A – 230Vac)
  • Dimensions 185x200x105 mm
  • Bipolar fuse holder
  • Protection with IP55 box
  • Integrated antenna


  • Remote control of Invasions / Levels / Flow rates / Pressures / Wastewater
  • Remote control of LPG / Diesel / Gas tanks
  • Remote control of GAS distribution plants
  • Wind Power Photovoltaic Remote Control
  • Air conditioning control for large users of boilers

All data is visible at all times on the web by combining BOX RCX 3G with the Web Vision Calore service.