Order code: AC.014.910


Digital Wireless  Thermostatic Radiator Valve RV-1341-B

The RV-1341M digital wireless chronothermostat head allows you to control the room temperature by regulating the flow of hot water in the radiator. RV-1341M can be combined with the TH-2013-RFR wireless chronothermostat which allows the setting of different time slots for the simultaneous control of multiple radiators by sending wireless signals. Alternatively, the RV-1341M can operate in manual mode, setting the desired hot water flow using the keys as explained below. The temperature shown on the display of the RV-1341M digital wireless chronothermostat head is the temperature measured by the TH-2013-RFR thermostat. If the device is not associated with a thermostat, the display does not show the temperature, and can only operate in manual mode.


  • Simple installation without tools and without intervention in heating systems;
  • Immediately ready for use;
  • Manual control option;
  • Automatic antifreeze and temperature drop detection;
  • Valve protection function;
  • Large illuminated display;
  • Version with wireless remote control that can be combined with the 868Mhz chronothermostat.

Technical Data

Power supply

n° 2 batterie non ricaricabili “AA” alcaline

Battery replacing

Once a year

Radio frequency


Maximum distance from radiator

30 meters

Protection degree IP20

60 x 61.5 x 77 mm standard model

60 x 61.5 x 97 mm with fixing ring