• Order code: TL.014.100
  • Type: 1 input for PRZ series or 10KOhm potentiometric level probe
  • Order code: TL.014.101
  • Type: 1 input for 4-20mA sensor


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  • Order codeAC.070.007
  • Type: Level probe for LPG tanks


I-READ ZERO – Remote control of the oil and gas tank level

I-READ ZERO is a device that effectively responds to the remote control of all tanks of diesel, oil and gasoline. it is installed on underground tanks or above ground through immersion level probe and manages PRZ probe, potentiometer probe or ratiometric probe; (optional configuration probe 4-20mA). I-READ ZERO reads and creates logs of the tank level, with the possibility to manage alarms of minimum, superminimum and filling. This data is then sent to a server via GSM module.

I-READ ZERO brings many advantages, including:

  • Programming logistics management
  • Elimination of last minute supplies
  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved end-user satisfaction (thanks to remote level reading, no customer suddenly stays dry)

I-Read Zero can be connected to the WebVision cloud platform, so that remote reading data can be accessed at any time. Shitek Technology offers an all-in-one service with a range of services on request:

  • Remote control device I-Read Zero
  • WebVision* cloud service for viewing information
  • Integrated SIM for communication
  • Data traffic from Worldwide
  • *APIs are available for interfacing with the customer’s management software.


  • ATEX Zone 0 approval
  • Controls the level of the underground or above ground tank with the probe positioned on a standard connection
  • Manages: PRZ probe, potentiometric probe or ratiometric probe; optional configuration of 4-20mA probe
  • Reading and logging of the level, management of minimum alarms, superminimum, filling
  • Communication of logs and alarms to the server via GSM module
  • Power supply: non-rechargeable lithium battery pack*(*Lithium battery included, probes not included)
  • GSM/GPRS communication module dualband,TL.014.100/101 = optional external antenna
  • Optional outputs: output for remote probe control. Max 12V, 300mA (only for 101 and 103 versions
  • Type of enclosure: PVC, degree of protection IP68
  • Operating temperature: -20°C … +55°C

Technical features

Power supply 

Non-rechargeable Lithium battery pack


GSM/GPRS Dual Band.

TL.014.101-TL.014.104  = optional external antenna

SIM Card

SIM Card 3V o 1.8V standard or SIM CHIP


TL.014.100 = Probe Zero (data sheet ST_000028)

TL.014.101 = Sensor 4-20 mA

Optional outputs

n.1 Output for remote probe control. Max 12V, 300mA  

Connection type

double Push or screw terminal block

.100 = internal terminal block |.101 – .103 – .104 = wiring on F connector supplied

.102 – .104 = probe with 3/4″ internal thread”

Fixing Wall, Pole, Golfaro with bracket supplied

115×60 mm (60 ø)

Weight 340 gr
Container type PVC,  IP68 degree protection
Operating temperature

 -20°C … +55°C