rcx 3g

Cod.: TL.42.000.E1


RCX 3G – Industrial Power factor 

RCX 3G is a product dedicated to the remote control of plants. It is equipped with serial interfaces and analog/digital interfaces to read information from sensors or instruments present in the plant. Through the WebVision service are available all the information collected and viewable with customized screens.

RCX 3G allows to monitor the sites 24 hours a day, to warn in case of anomaly and to manage and automate the technical systems inside the water networks. The analysis and optimization of the network operation allow to reduce the waste and reduce the management costs of the plants.

Through a special firmware, available free of charge and downloadable through the Ethernet port, the device can be transformed into a data-logger, with the ability to autonomously acquire measurements at regular intervals and transfer them via the Internet to a web server. In this case, the remote control functions via web are obtained through the WebVision service.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Power supply 80x230Vac 


SIM card 

standard SIM card

Digital inputs  5 Digital I/Os that can be used as:

  • digital inputs (dry contact open closed)
  • counter (max. frequency 10Hz)
  • open-collector outputs (maximum load 100mA – 24V)
Analog inputs n°4 analog inputs of which:

  • n°2 inputs 0-5V
  • 2 4-20mA inputs

n°1 relay outputs 

Serial communication

n°1 RS485 configurable Modbus RTU

1 RS232 TTL configurable Modbus RTU (Konnex with external converter)

Configurable baud rate from 2400 to 19200 bps

Status Indicators 7 LEDs for I/O status indication

n°1 LED communication indication

Container type

Self-extinguishing plastic class V0
 Dimensions 90x53x58mm – 3 DIN modules

Operating temperature

-20°C … +55°C

Relative humidity

0 to 80% non-condensing

All data are visible at all times on the web by combining RCX 3G to the Web Vision Calore service.