Remote monitoring for Oil&GAS tank

What is it the tank remote monitoring for Oil&GAS?

The remote control for hydrocarbons allows to read remotely the level on the tanks both in domestic and industrial applications, and for fleet management. The remote control is made possible thanks to modems that measure the level of fuel using pressure probes, magnetostrictive probes to immersion or reading the data directly from the level indicator. Shitek Technology offers many solutions for remote level control, which allow the adaptation to any type of customer request. Our products are easy to install, allow the verification of the status and the management of the alarms in real time through the WebVision web portal, to obtain a functional and user friendly remote control.

What are the remote control of  Oil&GAS tank level benefits?

The advantages in remote control for Oil&GAS are many:

  • Real-time information
  • Programming of logistics management
  • Cost savings
  • Theft control
  • Disposal of last-minute supplies
  • End user level monitoring

Why is remote control for Oil&GAS important?

In industrial plants, remote control is important because, thanks to greater surveillance of the plant, it allows you to manage supplies in a scheduled manner, saving on logistics costs.

Remote control makes it possible to check for theft, to record any faults, thus providing greater security for people and better service, both in terms of energy savings and satisfaction of the end user. In this way, the hydrocarbon distributor will be able to manage deliveries in the best possible way and will no longer be forced to schedule last minute supplies, with considerable savings in transport costs.

Products for remote level control on Oil&GAS tank


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