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Order code: SC.004.01

Type: IP54 Protection degree 

Dimensions: 96×96 cm

SC.004.01 (96x96)

DAC – Load switch controller

Device for load switch control with independent thresholds that can be set, useful for industrial plants with a maximum of 3 intervention thresholds for insertion and 3 intervention thresholds for disconnection.

The DAC device has been designed with technology for signal processing to ensure accurate control of all electrical quantities of the plant such as: VOLTAGE, CURRENT, THD % current and through a reliable calculation algorithm, optimal use of capacitors and meters taking into account the events of distortion of industrial plants.

Technical data

Power supply 400 V c.a. + – 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption  3 VA
Voltmetric input -40% – + 15% of the rated voltage
Amperometric input 2.5 – 110% Ie
Measure Voltage, Current, THD I%
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Led Relay Output Status; MAN/AUT; Alarm; Overcurrent
Relay outputs for alarms 1
Relay outputs for filter control 3
Contact range  8A 250V (AC1), max switching 440V
Terminal board Standard removable
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C
Degree of frontal protection IP41 ; with cap IP54-IP65