Dispositivo progettato con tecnologia per l’elaborazione dei segnali anche fortemente distorti,




Order code: SC.004.01

Type: IP54 Protection degree 

Dimensions: 96×96 cm

SC.004.01 (96x96)

EPF  E-Power factor controller

Automatic power factor  controllers with microprocessor  designed  for signal processing of strongly distorted waveform to ensure accurate control of the electrical parameters of the plant.

All measurements are made starting from the analysis of the waveform using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithm in floating point to ensure the maximum precision.

In addition to the normal power factor management functions, the device monitors the network and preserve the capacitor banks by disconnecting them in cases of high harmonic distortion or in case of mains voltage interruptions or drops. The microprocessor management allows to distribute the insertion/disconnection of the capacitive banks extending the life time.

The software allows to set each battery with the nominal value of the capacitor and also to set advanced functions such as battery fixed (useful for fixed rephasing), thresholds of temperature for ventilation control and relay and / or trip intervention, TA setting, trip times activation / deactivation and reconnection time.

The measures of Power Factor (Inductive / Capacitive), RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Delta Power (Inductive, Capacitive), THDI and temperature are displayed. The dedicated display digit, NAV, allows the immediate detection of the type of the active alarm.

Technical data

Power supply 110Vac -20% +10%  (PF.010.102)
230Vac -20% +10% (PF.010.101)
440Vac -20% +10% (PF.010.100)
Network frequency  50/60 Hz settable 
Power consumption  3.3VA
Current input 2.5 – 110% Ie
Operation 2 or 4 settable quadrants
Power factor control 0.85 Ind to 0.95 Cap
Measurements Voltage,current,power factor, power, temperature,THDI
Display 4 characters 7 segments – red
Led Relay Output status;MAN/AUT; Ind-Cap; Allarm
Relay outputs for batteries 4
Contact range 5A 250V (AC1), max switching 400V
Terminal board Standard, extractable
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C
Frontal protection degree IP41 (IP54 with optional cover)
Dimensions 96x96x57 mm
Weight 300 gr.