Discover and buy the versions of ST-CCJC that best suit your needs

  • Order Code: AC.011.110
  • DN (mm): 15
  • qp [m3/h]: 1,5
  • Length [mm]: 110
  • Connection: G3/4″

  • Order Code: AC.011.111
  • DN (mm): 20
  • qp [m3/h]: 2,5
  • Length [mm]: 130
  • Connectio: G1″

  • Order Code: AC.011.112
  • DN (mm): 25
  • qp [m3/h]: 3,5
  • Length [mm]: 160
  • Connection: G1″1/4

  • Order Codee: AC.011.113
  • DN (mm): 32
  • qp [m3/h]: 6
  • Length [mm]: 180
  • Connectio: G1″1/2

  • Order Code: AC.011.114
  • DN (mm): 40
  • qp [m3/h]: 10
  • Lenght [mm]: 200
  • Connectio: G2″

Discover and buy the most suitable accessories for your needs

  • Order Code: AC.014.400
  • Type: Ball valve with probe holder 1/2″ thermowell
  • Dimensions: diameter=20mm/ width=70mm / height=50mm

  • Order Code: AC.014.401
  • Type: Ball valve with probe holder 3/4″ thermowell
  • Dimensions: diameter=25mm/ width=75mm / height=55mm

  • Order Code: AC.014.402
  • Type: Ball valve with probe holder 1″ thermowell
  • Dimensions: diameter=32mm/ width=82mm / height=65mm

  • Order Code: AC.014.403
  • Type: Welding support for long-stemmed probe holder in cockpit
  • Dimensions: diameter 18mm, height 18mm


ST-CCJC Compact Meter Units

ST-CCJC is a compact, accurate and reliable heat meter with a high-class heat calculator, specifically designed for home and office use..

Thanks to the ultrasonic measuring system, it is possible to calculate with extreme precision the quantity of energy actually used for heating and/or cooling of the user.

The data transmission of the compact heat meter will then be carried out in Wireless WMBUS mode to the GSM Concentrator (Kubo or Kono) which in turn will send the data to the WebVision Calore.

The ST-CCJC Compact Metering Unit must be combined with the MBUS 868Mhz Wireless Transmitter.

Technical Features

  • Ultrasonic measuring system
  • Suitable for heating and cooling
  • Large LCD display for viewing
  • Longlife lithium battery power supply
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Remote metering unit up to 1 meter
  • Complies with and is certified according to European Directive 2004/22/EC (MID MI-004) EN1434 for heat
  • Pulse output kWh
  • Interfaceable with Wireless protocol MBUS EN 13757 – 4 (to be optionally added code TL.050.002).