Remote control of the LPG tank level

What is LPG tank level remote control?

The remote control of the LPG tank level allows you to remotely read the tank level in both domestic and industrial applications. The remote control is made possible thanks to devices installed through immersion level probe or directly on the level indicator, designed for both OIL and GAS companies and for their end users. Shitek Technology offers many solutions for remote control of the LPG tank level, easy to install and connectable to the WebVision web portal, in order to have at any time the reading data of the level under control.

What are the remote control of the LPG tank level benefits?

The advantages in the remote control of the LPG tank level are many:

  • Real-time information
  • Programming of logistics management
  • Cost savings
  • Disposal of last-minute supplies
  • End user level monitoring

Why is remote control of the LPG tank level important?

In industrial plants, remote control of the level of the LPG tank is important because, thanks to greater surveillance of the plant, it allows the recording of any faults, thus providing greater safety for people and better service, both in terms of energy savings and satisfaction of the end user. The remote control is important for the end user because, being able to read remotely the levels of its system, it will hardly remain dry: being warned of the shortage of fuel, it will be encouraged to organize with the company OIL and GAS for refueling. In this way, the company will be able to better manage deliveries and will no longer be forced to schedule last minute supplies, with considerable savings on transport costs.

Products for remote level control on LPG tanks




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