Order code: AC.014.900


Digital Thermostatic Radiator Valve TH-1341P

The TH-1341P digital chronothermostat head allows weekly programming of the desired temperature in the room where it is installed.

Thanks to the integrated room temperature sensor and to the flexibility of the set up, it allows to adjust the room temperature according to the user’s needs, obtaining a significant saving on heating costs.


  • Simple installation without tools and without any intervention on the heating systems;
  • Immediately ready for use;
  • Manual control option;
  • Automatic antifreeze and temperature drop detection;
  • Vacation function (allows you to set a period in which the valve will remain closed except when the temperature drops below the antifreeze threshold);
  • Open Window Function (when this function is activated, the thermostatic valve is automatically closed when the window is open to prevent energy waste);
  • Large illuminated display;

Technical data

Power supply

No. 2 non-rechargeable alkaline “AA” batteries

Battery replacing

Once a year

Measuring Range 

1 …50°C

Setting Range 

5.0 …35°C

Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Antifreeze protection

5.0 °C

Protection degree IP20

60 x 61.5 x 77 mm standard model

60 x 61.5 x 97 mm    with fixing ring