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Buy the COMPLETE KIT consisting of WBR Receiver, Tablet+ WBApp


Individual device codes:

  • Cod.  AC.010.002 (single device)
  • Cod. SW.014.001 (Kit: Tablet+WBApp)

Walk-By Receiver

WBR Receiver is a device capable of collecting the reading data transmitted by the Wireless M-Bus radio modules and retransmitting them using the Bluetooth protocol to the tablet with extreme simplicity and speed. The WBR Receiver comes complete with rechargeable batteries, power supply and USB cable.

The main technical features are:

  • Data reception mode:Wireless MBus 868
  • Operating frequency: T mode, C mode, S mode
  • Data forwarding mode: Bluetooth v3.0 Class1
  • Power supply 2xAA 1.2V NiMH: up to 8 hours
  • Weight ~ 137 gr.
  • Dimensions 145x85x25 mm
  • IP44
  • Data interface: USB 2.0 OTG


  • Order code:  SW.014.001
  • Name: KIT: Tablet + WB App
  • Note:  WB App license preinstalled for 1000 devices with 1 manufacturer of choice among the following: APA, BMT, BMP, RAM, QDS, BYL, CAL, LSE, EFE).
  • Order code: AC.010.002
  • Name: WBR Walk-by Receiver
  • Note: Single device complete with rechargeable batteries, power supply and USB cable