Order code: TL.034.001


Digital Wireless Chronothermostat TH-2013-RFR

The TH-2013-RFR Digital Wireless Chronothermostat allows you to control the radiators of a house equipped with RV-1341-B digital wireless chronothermostat head.

The TH-2013-RFR chronothermostat allows weekly programming of the temperature set-points, on the basis of which it will send the radio controls to the RV-1341-B heads, which will properly regulate the flow of hot water by opening and closing the radiator valves.

Thanks to the integrated room temperature sensor and to the flexibility of the set up, it allows to adjust the room temperature according to the user’s needs, obtaining a significant saving on heating costs.

Technical features

Power supply

No. 2 non-rechargeable alkaline “AA” batteries

Battery replacing

Once a year

Radio frequency


Maximum radio transmission distance

30 meters
Measuring range 1 …50°C
Temperature resolution


 Setting range 5.0 …45°C
Adjustment Step


Antifreeze protection

5.0 °C

Protection degree IP20

138x86x33,1 mm

Possible combinations