rcx 3g

Order code: TL.042.000.E


  • Order code: AC.021.002
  • Type: Sensor / Temperature probe with 25 cm cable suitable for EASY series measuring devices and/or devices with potentiometric interface with 10kOhm @25°C characteristic. Equipped with small size encapsulated sensor and 25 cm silicone cable, stripped and ready to be inserted in the terminal board. It can be extended and inserted into the pipes at will. Practical mounting also on pipes in direct contact with the source to be measured or directly in the air to measure the ambient temperature. Measuring range: -15°C to +60°C +-5%.

RCX 3G – Remote control of water network

Remote control enables the remote control, monitoring and supervision of technological installations. Remote control also means optimising the performance of installations, increasing their efficiency and security, and reducing costs. The automation of water management implies on the one hand an automatic real-time control of the network, on the other hand the management of all the necessary maneuvers such as the online management of alarms.

It provides 24-hour surveillance of the water supply and tanks, and guarantees users the quality of the water they use on a daily basis. Remote control allows control of water consumption, making water system management more transparent for the user. It also displays the famous hidden losses, i.e. those due to breakage in parts of the water system from pipes located underground or under the floor.

The devices that use an intelligent measuring system (smart meter), are also very important for remote control of any leaks and waste of water, safeguarding both the economic and especially the environmental.


The RCX 3G device allows data transfer to a server for monitoring and control of devices with RS485 interface, applicable to remote reading of reservoirs, aqueducts, pipelines, meters and wastewater allows you to control them:

  • Tank level
  • Presence of electricity network
  • Pressure control
  • Flow measurement

RCX 3G allows to monitor the sites 24 hours a day, to warn in case of anomaly and to manage and automate the technical systems inside the water networks. The analysis and optimization of the network operation allow to reduce waste and reduce the costs of plant management.

Technical features

Power supply 12Vdc ±10%, consumption 500mA

2G (GPRS/EDGE), 3G Quad Band (HSDPA)

SIM card 

standard SIM card

Digital inputs

5 Digital I/Os that can be used as:
– digital inputs (dry contact open closed)
– counter (max. frequency 10Hz)
– open-collector outputs (maximum load 100mA – 24V)

Analogic inputs

n°4 analog inputs of which:

n°2 inputs 0-5V

2 4-20mA inputs


n.2 exchange relay outputs, with separate NO and NC contacts (flow rate 0.5A 230vac)

Serial communication

n°1 RS485 configurable Modbus RTU

1 RS232 TTL configurable Modbus RTU (Konnex with external converter)

Configurable baud rate from 2400 to 19200 bps


Status Indicators

n°7 LEDs for I/O status indication

n°1 LED communication indication

Container type

Self-extinguishing plastic class V0
 Dimensions 90x53x58mm – 3 DIN modules

Operating temperature

-20°C … +55°C

Relative humidity

0 to 80% non-condensing

All data is visible at all times on the web by combining RCX 3G with the Web service Vision Calore.