Modem GSM per teledistacco impianti CEI 0-16
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Cod.:TL.033.004.01 – (EASY DIGIT 4 digital inputs) CLICK HERE TO BUY



Technical features

Power supply 12Vdc (min 9Vdc, max 14Vdc)
Consumption 3.5W Max
Frequency 850 – 900 – 1800 -1900 MHz Quad Band
Antenna Type SMA M Screwable stylus
°2 digital inputs Configurable N.O. / N.C.
n°1 indoor probe NTC 10K @25°C ±1%
n°1 outdoor probe NTC 10K @25°C ±1% (opzionale)
n°2 relé exit 2 x 3A @ 400 Vac
n°1 USB connector micro USB (type B) (available depending on the hardware version)
Length of external probe wires 3m max, or up to 25m with shielded cable
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Temperature alarm values 2.0 °C (for 60 seconds)
Indoor probe measuring range  0.0 .. 105.0 °C
Outdoor probe measuring range  -35.0 .. 105.0 °C
Measuring range -20.0 .. 55.0 °C
Buffer batteries 3xAAA NiMh 1,2V 800..1000 mAh
Operating range -20 .. +55.0 °C
Storage range -20 .. +55.0 °C
Protection Degree IP40 on the front panel – IP 20 on the terminals
Box – Materiale PPO self-extinguishing
Colour RAL 7035 (Light Grey)
Weight ~ 575 gr.
Dimensions 4 DIN modules
Installation DIN rail mounting

EASY DIN GSM remote control device

EASY DIN is a GSM chronothermostat that is installed on the DIN rail of the electrical panel and is also designed for the remote control of industrial devices. It is possible to remotely control the devices by sending a simple SMS from any model of mobile phone. The device has a GSM module inside that behaves like any telephone terminal on a cellular network. Each input and output can be associated with a defined name, customizable in order to facilitate understanding and each alarm text can be customized according to the need.

The functions connected to the remote control in the heat metering field are


The thermostat can be configured at the same time for heating, remote switching on and off of the boiler and for remote temperature control. Like all normal chronothermostats, it is also possible to set an ignition history.

Antifreeze control

An antifreeze alarm can be installed.

Thanks to these functions, it is possible to remotely control the temperature of a room, with considerable energy savings.


EASY DIN, designed for industrial remote contro

Not only heating, air conditioning and frost control: EASY DIN can also be used for many other functions, including:

Probe control and irrigation systems

Through the GSM remote control it is possible to control the switching on and off of irrigation systems and to monitor the exact functioning of the same.

Industrial Devices

GSM remote control for the control of the correct functionality of industrial devices such as cold rooms, freezers and air conditioners.

Automatic gate opener

You can connect EASY DIN to your own automatic gate and open it with a simple mobile phone ring. This way you no longer need a remote control for the automatic gate, and access is configurable for up to 100 users.

Warning of power failure

An alarm is sent via TEXT in the event of a power failure.

Remote activation/switching off of the alarm system

You can connect EASY DIN to your alarm and remotely turn it on or off with an SMS.


  • Activation of an output with a personalized TEXT
  • Request the status of the system remotely with an TEXT or a ringing tone
  • Automatic report of settings change
  • Customizing the alarm text
  • Temperature measurement on indoor probe and outdoor probe
  • Summer/winter temperature management (inversion of the control function)
  • Chrono functionality up to 3 daily bands separate and adjustable for each day of the week
  • Complete parameterization with simple TEXT commands
  • Front indicators for power supply status, GSM signal level and relay status
  • Possibility of mounting 3 rechargeable batteries type AAA to be notified even in the absence of electricity
  • The device can be connected to the web portal for WEB VISION CALORE remote control